Lao agricultural business mission

Laos is a landlocked country in the Mekong region in Southeast Asia, but in the recent years, the development of land transport infrastructure connecting neighbored countries has been improved, and attracting attention as a next investment destination of Japanese companies that have production base in Thailand and other countries. Agriculture in the country is a major industry where about 70% of the population is engaged. Since 2000, large-scale commercial cultivation has been promoted nationwide. The Lao government is aiming to develop high-value-added agricultural products and food processing industry, and organic and reduced pesticide agriculture from the Laos are attracting attention as high-quality agricultural products from Japan and neighboring countries. Following January 2019, JETRO will send a mission on agriculture to Laos. In this mission, we will conduct farm / market visits, exchange opinions with farm managers, and network with agricultural companies in Vientiane capital and Champasak Province, which has the Bolaven Plateau, one of the country’s leading agricultural regions. It is possible to collect the latest information that can be used as a reference for agricultural business development such as trial cultivation and agricultural product procurement in Laos. If you are thinking about farming business in Laos, please take advantage of this opportunity to understand by experiencing farming in Laos. for more detail please refer to below website.