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About Pakse city, a metropolis of Champasak province
Champasak province is the largest province in southern Laos and Pakse city is its metropolis.
-Champasak prefecture: approximately 700,000
-Pakse City : approximately 100,000

PAKSE is a strategic traffic hub to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and it has a world heritage, vast nature and rich land in the surrounding area.

-Champasak Grand Hotel (4stars)
-Pakse Hotel (3stars) etc.

-There are many foreign tourists in the city.

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-Southeast Asia known as there being many spicy food.
The Lao dish that Lab and Khao soi (completely different from those in Chiang Mai, Thailand) in which they are very spicy in Pakse.
There are some non-spicy dishes made from local ingredients which suit Japanese’s taste such as Khao piak sen (rice flour noodles in chicken broth) and Khao chy sai khuang (Laos-like bucket). They are known as the Laos dishes which are easy to eat.
In addition, Laotian beer (Beer lao,) and glutinous rice (Khao niao) which has sweetness of nature, and the bread are popular in Laos.

There are Champasak Hospital and International Clinic in Pakse city.

-There is a shopping mall in Pakse city center, and various styles of shopping, such as a supermarket, a home center and a morning market.
You can enjoy your shopping and feel a local atmosphere and warm hospitality of Pakse in the market.


Champasak Technical and Vocational College (CTC)
-We concluded a MOU with CTC for the purpose of mutual cooperation about the introduction of talented person, the promotion of employment and the technical training, and introduced excellent talented person to entering company.

Japanese Language School
Laos Japan Human Exchange Education Center
Acting principal: Mr.Kenichi Abe
-There is a Japanese Language School for Laotian staff in Pakse.

International School
-There are international kindergarten and elementary school in the city.

Champasak University
-One of the leading National University in Laos.

-There are various sightseeing spots around Pakse, such as some recreation spots concerning nature, the golf courses, which utilized very large land, and temples with the history, including world heritage Vat Phou.
We introduce some of these as below;

<Famous sightseeing spots>

<Golf course>

<Strawberry farm>

<Coffee plantation>