Business Expansion in a Laos industrial park

Laos which is said to be “The last Shangri-la in Southeastern Asian”.
Many industrial parks are newly established with recent economic development, and the environment for overseas expansion of Japanese company is ready to be invested. A wave of the industrialization rushed into Pakse which was called Champasak kingdom once, and the industrial park for exclusive use of the Japanese company was established.

About the Industrial Park

PAKSE-JAPAN SME SEZ is the industrial park for exclusive use of the Japanese company which was developed in Champasak province in southern Laos.
We, PAKSE-JAPAN SME SEZ Development., Ltd., will support the advance of the Japanese company to utilize the benefit overall.


About the Operation Company

PJSEZ which is operated by PAKSE-JAPAN SME SEZ Development., Ltd., are the company for the industrial park development and operation, and our major shareholders are the Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zone, two Laos companies and Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.


PJSEZ signs MOU with Yamamoto Farm for cooperation.

PJSEZ and Yamamoto Farm are agreed to sign the MOU for cooperation on 22 June, 2019 aiming for attraction of agriculture and food processing industry to southern of the Lao P.D.R. particularly process crops at Yamamoto Farm and process agricultural...

PJ Restaurant is opened.

PJ Restaurant is opened for a few weeks, there are many kind of food menus and drinks menus for serving our tenants, employees, laborers and the entering visitors who conduct business activity in PJSEZ. Please come to enjoy and try our...

AOTS 5S Seminar.

AOTS 5s seminar was held at Champasak Grand hotel, Champasak Province, Laos on 20 May, 2019. This seminar is aimed for improving skills and capability of Lao workers who employed by Japanese companies in PJSEZ and Champasak Province which supported...

Starting construction of second rental factory.

The first rental factory was fully occupied by tenants and starting construction of the second rental factory are requested by many investors, are progressing. The second rental factory consists of 2 buildings will be divided into 12, please contact us...

PJSEZ accepted intern students from Champasak University.

PJSEZ accepted intern students from Champasak University under AOTS internship program on 11 December, 2018.  The intern student team which was organized in 26 students and 6 contributors also visited several Japanese companies in PJSEZ. They received information and explanation...