Business Expansion in a Laos industrial park

Laos which is said to be “The last Shangri-la in Southeastern Asian”.
Many industrial parks are newly established with recent economic development, and the environment for overseas expansion of Japanese company is ready to be invested. A wave of the industrialization rushed into Pakse which was called Champasak kingdom once, and the industrial park for exclusive use of the Japanese company was established.

About the Industrial Park

PAKSE-JAPAN SME SEZ is the industrial park for exclusive use of the Japanese company which was developed in Champasak province in southern Laos.
We, PAKSE-JAPAN SME SEZ Development., Ltd., will support the advance of the Japanese company to utilize the benefit overall.


About the Operation Company

PJSEZ which is operated by PAKSE-JAPAN SME SEZ Development., Ltd., are the company for the industrial park development and operation, and our major shareholders are the Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zone, two Laos companies and Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.


Laos agricultural business mission hosted by JETRO visited PJSEZ

角丸ボタン-S From February 27th to March 1st, 2024, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) hosted an agricultural business mission to Laos. The participants visited northern and southern Laos for the purpose of visiting farms and markets in Laos, exchanging opinions...

The Arrangement of the 3nd Japan-Lao Public-Private Joint Dialogues

On February 22, 2024, the 3rd Japan-Lao Public-Private Joint Dialogue was held at the Champasak Provincial Hall Conference Room by the Pakse Branch of the Lao Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Champasak Province. Approximately 30 people from Japan...

Inspection and Seminar of Fire Prevention Facilities in PJSEZ

    On 17th-18th July, the Fire Prevention and Control Police Department of Champasak Province has entered to inspect the fire prevention system and other related facilities of Japanese companies in PJSEZ. After that, on 19th July 2023, they have...

Diet members in Japan visited PJSEZ on 10th September 2022

The Diet members in Japan (Mr. Kohmura Masahiro, Mr. Kushida Seiichi, Mr. Wada Yuichiro and Ms. Shiomura Ayaka) have visited PJSEZ on 10th September 2022. They have come to Laos as the World Food Program (WFP) Japanese government delegation, and...